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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

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Because trek always comes down to battles.

Cary L. Brown-

Your right i dont have a lot of experience and scientific knowledge in fictional ship design that doesn't change the fact that in my opinion the E didn't get attractive until the B version and on (although i would say the D doesnt look that nice)

iconic yes, aged well no.

Iam not arguing for replacement, just for a lot of tweaks to make the ToS version redesigned for a modern audiance.


simply will not work any more.
THAT... (your link) is NOT the ship as seen on-screen.

So your argument, based upon what appears to be a picture of a TOY, isn't valid. You need to refer to the actual design.

Since you posted an image of a ship never seen on-screen (and inaccurate to the actual on-screen model), I'll post another model which, while a "private model" and not seen on screen either, is an almost perfect replica of the on-screen model (but "polished" a bit).

Let's look at that... or at any images of the actual 11' miniature seen on-screen... or any image of the new CGI version from the "remastered" episodes... NOT AT A CHEAP TOY... as the reference, shall we?

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