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Re: Read & Reread "Greater Than The Sum"- My Opinion (Spoilers)

Uhm, Dan, I might have missed a post but when did anyone bring religion into the debate - you're the first one to bring in religion (and I've reviewed the thread) ? I have to agree with a lot (not all, because I liked the Noh Angels) of what Dayton3 said about the character of T'Rys (not the multiple partner thing but I do have to wonder how she got through Starfleet Academy - and the Barclay Defence just doesn't work for me, from what I recall he was a professional on duty and just an oddball off duty whilst T'Rys can be arguably both a bad example to junior officers and borderline insubordinate at times) and the whole Beverley/Jean Luc situation.

Picard put the idea of having children aside whilst they fought the Borg but Crusher did keep harping on about it every opportunity she got. One thing that personally annoyed me about the whole story (now I've finished the novel wholesale) was that Picard wouldn't reactivate himself as Locutus because he had Beverley and that they (or she, at that point) wanted to have kids whereas he was perfectly happy for Hugh (who had Rebekah and wanted kids too) to throw himself on the sword. Hypocritical much?

So, yeah, I have a problem with T'Rys and I have a bit of a problem with the Picard/Crusher relationship and maybe GTTS isn't my favourite book by the author (Orion's Hounds is) but it's certainly not my least favourite (I found Buried Age to be impenetrable).

I think I'm more annoyed by this thread and others like it, where if someone dares to criticise a book strongly they'll end up getting slammed by the other posters. It's gotten to the point where I'm hesitant about posting comments about things in the books that I don't like.
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