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Re: Read & Reread "Greater Than The Sum"- My Opinion (Spoilers)

I havn't read Greater than the Sum because the book shop it twon said it wasn't being published over here till the first of Septmeber so I have a little wait left. But Christopher, after reading The Buried Age (which I never expected to like, but gobbled it up in a few days as it was so good) and Orions Hounds, plus from what people have written about GTTS I really can not wait to read it and I might actually do something I've been meaning too for far to long and write a review!

I just want to address Dayton3 about his comments.

What you said is exceptionally arrogant and condesending (most of your comments are actually) and you come across as one of the worst form of religious bigets, you have a singular notion that for what ever reason quiet a few religious people have that they are always right. Well, your not, the good men and women who are employed to continue the Trek flame do so while haveing a full time job, they do it because they love Trek and want to share their visions with everyone else. Now I'm all for constructive critisim, but in your review, you came across as immature, argumentative and just looking for a fight.

Oh and one final note, three guys in fours months is no big deal, everyone likes sex (with the right partner) and it's what we all do at least a few times in our lives, it's just a shame that narrow minded god bothers try to make out it's wrong and the like as the year is 2008, not 1888.
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