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Re: Read & Reread "Greater Than The Sum"- My Opinion (Spoilers)

I read the book and found it very good. I'll admit I was a bit put off by the continual focus on the issue of the Picard-Crusher decision about having a baby, but other than that I found the book a nice read.

Obviously, several matters had to be solved by Christopher- especially regarding the actions of the newer characters in the previous book. I believe his solution with T'Lana to be an excellent choice, especially since it fits in requirements even by todays standards regarding the fitness of counselor type individuals. Leybenzon was also handled in an appropriate manner, at least in my opinion, he's shown a lack of respect towards officers in general, and his decision made perfect sense. Of course the crux of the matter is the man who thinks he's super-cop, ends up inadvertantely giving the Borg access to a new defense against them, because he overestimates his ability and didn't seem to listen.

In regard to new characters in this book, I'm not overly fond of T'Ryssa, but as others have noted she is doing her job. Other than that I like the other characters and how they've been used.

Dayton3, I don't know if you served in the military or not, but I can guarantee that in some types of units you can find more than your share of eccentrics; I know because I served in a unit like that- Very bright individuals who were extremely capable and did their jobs, but not always by the book when it came to protocol. During a hurricane down in Florida one time, one SGT on duty called the a radio station and had them dedicate a song to the unit commander; it was "Take this Job and Shove It." And that was a minor incident compared to others.

Yes, one has to be careful with how one deals with protocol, etc; yet good officers allow some leeway. I didn't really read anything on T'Ryssa that seems to have been completely overboard.
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