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Re: Vulcan's Soul versus The Romulan Way

That's an interesting take all right... Quite appealing!

Perhaps the ST:NEM planet is the one the early Earth explorers dubbed Remus, while the connection that latter-day Earthlings draw between Ch'Havran and Remus is a false one - they are separate planets, or actually Ch'Havran is the agricultural moon, and the mining planet Remus has some other Rihannsu name.

Speaking of early Earth explorers:

The biggest difference between the Rihannsu novels and Star Trek TV canon is that she has Human-Rihannsu first contact taking place with a UFP visit to the highly-industrialized but non-warp Romulan homesystem, whereas Enterprise has the first Human-Romulan contact take place when the Enterprise intrudes into Romulan-claimed space. The Romulans further turn out to be quite powerful, requiring the unification of four major starfaring powers for the military machine to be grind to a halt.
We might argue that the contact in ENT "Minefield" was not the first one. Rather, an earlier Earth vessel Carrizal indeed made the first flyby of the Romulan system, in the 2130s as the Duane timeline would have it. That ship never had time for a closer look, so UE Starfleet was unable to draw any sort of a connection between the system cursorily scanned by Carrizal and the ships encountered by Enterprise.

Everything could thus be made to mesh between Duaneverse, S&Sverse and ENTverse. The exact order of events would be something like this: Carrizal visits the home system at 128 Eri in the 2130s, Enterprise meets a Wide Patrol somewhere outside the actual RSE in the 2150s, then Enterprise interferes with the Rihannsu plot to use camouflaged drones to kindle an interstellar war - and only then, perhaps soon after "Demons"/"Terra Prime", does Balboa return to the home system and get destroyed.

Timo Saloniemi
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