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Re: Eureka - "I Do Over" (spoilers)

Wow, what an episode, and a surprising ending. I found myself disliking the Stark character quite a bit, well-acted as he was, and was in the end hoping that Fargo was not sacrificed (thinking that Stark had 'character shielding')...that is a stunning development.

But considering how they had Stark the head, then Allison, then co-heads this year...

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The promo for next week's show right at the very end was a bit jarring considering the moment.
Yeah, I would think they would spend more time on the aftermath of what happened...or maybe it's just Scifi's promo decision.

Nedersong wrote: View Post
Anybody else getting frustrated with skiffy's overuse of the advertisement "It's the END for somebody and EVERYTHING changes!" It's been used in Doctor Who and Stargate and now this. Come on, get some new material.

And it's also misleading, because "the end" is not neccesarily a death either.
I agree that the 'everything changes' thing is overused, but for Eureka promos it was a departure from the comic typical versions, and this time it lived up to the billing, methinks...

Skywalker wrote: View Post
You know what I've really liked about the last couple of episodes?

No Zane.
Agreed, not anything against the actor, but his character works best in a minor supporting role IMO. Plus we have Fargo!

Nedersong wrote: View Post
Well, I for think he will eventually come back from time to time. After all, this is a science fiction show and in science fiction death is very rarely permanent. Unless you're uncle Ben or Bruce Wayne's parents.

The only other way to have a permanent death for a main character is when the actor leaves the show for whatever reason.
Those are often the case, but I think that sci-fi's reliance on that 'killed off then resurrected' line cheapens it, with some recent shows making it 'not a big deal' because 'no one really dies in scifi.' By contrast, say Desperate Housewives kills off characters and they do not magically return, of course that's not scifi...

That said, this interview with Ed Quinn before S3 began airing does not hint a bit about him leaving the show. He talks about filming the longer season (more episodes) and how it affects their schedule, so maybe he's coming back...
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