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Re: Sexy Vulcan Women of Star Trek - T'Pol and Saavik

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Bertila Damas puts the rest of Vulcanwomanhood to shame.
Which one was she?
Temis, you are quite right! RandyS, I mentioned her above, but as I lust for her and think she could have inspired the Ferengi holosuite program, Vulcan Love Slave, I'm more than happy to explain.

She played a Vulcan member of the Maquis in the DSN two-parter, The Maquis. She negotiates with Quark on purchasing weapons for the Maquis. She also tries to forcibly mind-meld with Gul Dukat, and fails, so rigidly disicplined is his Cardassian training.

Here is a link to the hottest Vulcan woman ever, rivaled only by T'Pring and Valeris:

The actress who played her, Bertila Damas, also played a former Borg drone who was trapped in a link with two other drones, forced on them by Seven of Nine, in the VOY ep, Survival Instinct.

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