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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

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Let us know your thoughts on "Deconstruction". I liked it a lot.

I liked it. Mind blowing. Seeing the Ranger at the end transcend the physical and hop into an encounter suit gave me chills. I rewatched that scene twice. Then I called to mind that an episode mentioned it would be a million years before humans were deemed ready by the Vorlons to have their technology. But I preferred to think it was developed on their own. I had to wonder why humans would use encounter suits. Is it because, like the Vorlons, there was a danger in us being recognized as what we are? Or maybe it was just to make the point of how far we'd come.

The character assassination of Sheridan and the others was a nice touch. Typical of the eventual pessimism with which historic figures are inevitably viewed. Garibaldi outwitting the guy in the future was classic. All that studying of their characters and he still didn't realize who he was dealing with.

All in all I enjoyed it. I'm glad I saved it for the 2nd to last episode. Looks like my truly last episode will be The Gathering. Should be here tomorrow, along with Alien Nation, War of the Worlds and Earth 2. I'm not quite interested in BStar yet so I'm going backwards a bit.
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