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Re: Read & Reread "Greater Than The Sum"- My Opinion (Spoilers)

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I don't think that T'yrssa is a slacker. I think that in order to be a slacker you have to actively decide not to do things, and try not to do them or do them in a careless manner. She seemed quite the opposite; she had passion that wasn't focused or directed in any direction and as a result she couldn't keep her personality under control.
That's a good analysis. She's more like the prodigy who doesn't get good grades because her mind is too lively and active to be constrained by classroom formulas, but who does great at independent learning.

I think that Picard's been half-consciously mulling over thoughts about having a family for a long time. "All Good Things" made him really look at himself and where his future was leading and then in "Star Trek: Generations" he lost all of his blood relatives. Also, when he was in the nexus, the nexus gave him a world in which he had a very large and extended family and although he was very confused at what was going on, he didn't seem to be against that.
Right. Indeed, it's very telling that his first Nexus fantasy was one of having a lot of children and a rich family life. I'm surprised that anyone could think that Picard at this stage in his life, having finally embraced his feelings for Beverly and actually sought and taken her hand in marriage, could possibly not want to have kids.

I also disagree with your "living universe" comment. I know what you're getting at -- star clusters and rifts and planets have a funny habit of turning out to be sentient in the Trek world.
Hmm, to some extent, but I wasn't just trying to repeat some formula. When I was trying to think of some civilization or species for the E-E to encounter in its search for the Borg, I was looking for something different from what I'd done before. I'd done planet-based civilizations, I'd done space-habitat civilizations, I'd done spacegoing life forms... what was left?

"The ship rocked again, sparks flying from the consoles."
I laughed out loud when I read this. I thought to myself, "What, is this a Voyager book I'm reading?" X D
Okay, I'll admit I wasn't exactly trying hard on that sentence. I'd already written scenes like that in several other projects and I was tired of thinking of ways to describe it. Honestly, I'm sick of writing space battles. Luckily Over a Torrent Sea is not the kind of book that requires them. There are other kinds of action.
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