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Re: Read & Reread "Greater Than The Sum"- My Opinion (Spoilers)

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And for all you dress it up, the entire "Picard Baby Thing" comes across as Beverly bitching about wanting a child at one of the most inopportune moments.
I'm sorry it came across that way to you. Evidently I wasn't successful enough at conveying to you what was actually going on.

T'Ryssa is hideously immature.

Once again, she should be a PROFESSIONAL with PROFESSIONAL standards.

How did she ever get through Starfleet Academy much less promoted after that with such a slacker attitude?
She's quite professional when it comes to actually doing her job as a scientist. Her problems are only with matters like decorum, deference, and formality. If Starfleet were an actual military, she would've washed out in weeks, but then, if it were an actual military, she never would've enrolled in the first place. Starfleet is an organization that performs science and exploration, and that's something she's good at, even if the superficial trappings of discipline and rank have little meaning to her.

And the battles scenes are poorly written at best.
Sorry you feel that way. I put a lot of thought into the tactics and physics of it. Battle scenes usually bore me to tears, because there's nothing interesting or entertaining about people or ships shooting things at each other. So I always try to vary it up by focusing on creative tactics and problem-solving rather than the blood and death and destruction. Maybe that means what I write wouldn't be as interesting to someone who enjoys war stories. But the bottom line is, combat is never a priority in my writing, and the battles were the least important elements of this novel, except insofar as they illuminated the characters involved in them.
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