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Re: Eureka - "I Do Over" (spoilers)

Damn! I wasn't expecting that either. But I figured it was going to be either Fargo or Nathan when it came to that last scene and I didn't want either of them to go (which is a bit funny considering I initially didn't like either of them).

Another great episode. I love a good old fashioned time loop episode and this one delivered in spades. Every time a sensible explanation (the Groundhog Day "you must do something for someone" idea, the time clock, Eve doing something evil at that site) came up, it turned out to be a red herring until finally the time experiment that Jack figured must exist turned out to be true. Of course, I did pick the fact that "time maintence" guy knew about his firing before you should have known, but I wasn't sure if Jack did (but he's a very observant guy, so he probably connected the dots later).

I loved the Doctor Who reference (thrice!). I also liked Jack's sister, Lexi, and I'm glad she'll be around for a few episodes, at least.

I'm going to miss Nathan.
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