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I've enjoyed the privilege of owning many Trek uniforms, but a great deal of them were the first-release, foam-collar, stick-on-rank-pips ones they sold back in the early 90s. Hated those screened-on combadges on the TNG ones. In any case, they kept my elementary-school self absolutely happy.

I thought the "deluxe edition" Rubies TNG tunic was a pretty good job -- the one with the full-zip back and metal rank pins. My favorite part about that one was that they didn't forget to do the black underarm portion, like they had on the first release. Also, the Rubies gold Kirk tunic still gets its day in the sun pretty much every year for Halloween (though, admittedly, it's almost impossible for me to squeeze into these days).

My aunt was nice enough to create a first-season TNG jumpsuit for me a long time ago. Made of spandex -- very, very cool. Wish I could still fit into that one.

I spent many an after-school afternoon anxiously awaiting uniforms from the UPS man (remember when things still took 6-8 weeks to arrive?). Insignia pins were also a big thing for me, too -- I will always remember the night my dad brought me my first TNG commbadge ("The Hollywood Pins" super-shiny edition -- $14.95!) ... it had been delivered to his house and he brought it to me at my mom's that night. Wore the thing on my PJ's, I was so excited.
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