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Starship, beautiful job on the TWOK jacket.

I might as well ask, before someone else does: you don't still take orders for custom jobs like that, do you?
I second that, Starship! It looks nearly identical to the movie version. Nice!

Me, I've never worn anything like a ST-inspired uniform. I have dressed up for Hallowe'en office parties as (a) Zorro; (b) Gomez from The Addams Family; and (c) The Joker from the Tim Burton 1989 Batman film.

The last one wasn't completely accurate -- mixed and matched colors -- had a yellow shirt, a green velvet jacket, and a black-and-gold checked vest. But I managed to get purple striped pants and spray painted a straw hat and a pair of black shoes purple. I even used hair "paint" and sprayed my hair green!

Wish I could find the pics, just to see what a bad job I did!

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