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Re: Read & Reread "Greater Than The Sum"- My Opinion (Spoilers)

Dayton3 wrote: View Post
1) The character of T'ryssa is one of the worst ever written for Star Trek. She struts around the book acting more like the chick in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" having her sexual awakening.
I liked T'Ryssa a lot.

I'll go a step further. As fascinating as I found the star cluster beings, T'Ryssa was the part of the book I liked the most.

Okay, yes, her casual, carefree attitude toward sex took some getting used to. Four sexual partners in the course of a single book (though two of those were prior to the prologue) was slightly eye-popping. But, in the future, sexual mores are going to be different. Sexual mores are changing now, there's no reason to think they wouldn't become more open and less restrictive in the future.

All of that said...

What I liked the most about T'Ryssa was that she had to grow up. Or, as Worf's conversation with Kadohata made clear, she had to find a way to channel her natural free-spiritedness into something that "worked" for Starfleet.

I know that, in the acknowledgements, Christopher discusses her origins, as a D&D character tossed into a Trek milieu. I thought about it, and while I can see that, depending on how one plays a D&D character, because there are dour players who attack gazebos, I thought T'Ryssa was akin to what the crew of the Enterprise-D was supposed to be like -- a free-spirited joie de vivre, with capes and customizable uniforms. People who didn't fit the "military" mold. A kinder, gentler Starfleet.

I really liked T'Ryssa. I hope she sticks around. If Dave Mack frags her in Destiny, I'll mourn for a week.
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