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Re: "Superman Returns Again" still in limbo...

I want a clean break. While there were some things about Returns I liked, some casting too, there was nothing at all that i loved and need to see return.

Most of all, I want something's that a clear break in TONE and visual STYLE.

Time for a new visual aesthetic, one that's more upbeat, adventurous, and hopeful, a Superman that's colorful, threats that are big and Superman ish, and a Clark/Superman that isn't stuck in the past trying to recapture the un-capturable magic of a 30 year old film and a mimicking a like actor who's passed away.

when I saw Spider-man 2, man, I got that vibe, that "Romita Sr. era" vibe. Dark Knight just feels like a Batman story, with elements of Denny O'Neil, Moore's Killing Joke, Long Halloween, etc all wafting in and out like great cologne. Iron Man just nails Tony Stark. None of them are perfect movies, but they FEEL like Spider-Man, and Batman, and Iron Man. Even the first two X-Men movies manage to capture bits of that Claremont-era "feel" despite the massive changes. I want something that feels like SUPERMAN.

I don't really care if there's an origin or no origin, but the benefit of an origin is to clearly signal that this is a new thing and we can forget about past movies, it's a "short-hand" way to tell the audience that without having to read some EW article that tells them it's a new series. But it doesn't matter much to me either way, as long as the rest of the movie feels right.

I want a Superman more faithful to the 'post Crisis' modern version of Superman. My Superman doesn't have to be muscular, but I'm so done with idolizing everything after the Donner movie. This may shock internet fans, but you know, as much as the film is fondly remembered, the general audience really doesn't rank it as a Godfather masterpiece.

Superman TAS is a great initial blueprint for what I'd like to see, particularly the portrayals of Superman, Lois, and Luthor.

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