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Re: Same Movie, Different format

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I've tremendously slowed my buying of movies on DVD in anticipation of Blu-Ray taking over, but I don't have a Blu-Ray player yet. I'm still waiting for the format to work itself out into something standardized..
Ugh that has been worked out for awhile now.

As for replacing old movies that I already own on DVDs. Yes I'll do that for every release that has significant improved picture quality.
(1) Then what's this babble I hear about Blu-Ray 2.0 all about (I'm not trying to destroy the format, I just honestly am undereducated about it)
This babble was amplified and used in the format war. It was never a big deal from a home theater experience POV. All Blu-ray movies will playback just fine on any player whether its profile is 1.0,1.1 or 2.0. Now the war is long over it should be shoved into the garbage can where it belongs. If you are that concerned with the profile issue you can always ask to buy a 2.0 or BD-live player. Currently there are only two of those for sale: the PS3 and the Panasonic DMP-BD50. A few more 2.0 players are coming to the market this fall. Though the cheapest players you can find now are the 1.0 and 1.1 players. BTW the only difference between 2.0 and 1.1 is the interactive features through internet connectivity. A lot of people don't really care for this feature. This is a reason why a certain CE company is considering to offer the different profiles as different levels of players i.e. the OS analogy would be Vista home vs Vista Premium.
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