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Re: Same Movie, Different format

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The difference this time around is that VHS tapes wouldn't play in a Laser Disc player and Laser Discs wouldn't play in a DVD player. DVDs on the other hand, will play in HD-DVD and Blu-Ray players. You don't have to replace anything and there is very little benefit in doing so for a lot of movies.

With a few exceptions, I am generally not replacing anything I already own with Blu-Ray discs.
Quite true. I think plain 'ole standard-definition DVDs are in for the long haul. BluRay is nice and pretty, but I think the general public is pretty happy with DVD and they're cheaper than BluRay. I suspect that, over time, people will start buying new movies on BluRay but so long as they can play their DVDs on a BluRay player, there's no need to upgrade.

I didn't own too many movies on VHS (a lot of stuff I taped off of TV). Upgrading to DVD wasn't too difficult since I didn't have many titles to re-buy. And I won't replace any of my DVD copies with BluRay. Hell, I don't even own a BluRay player and I'm not in any hurry to get one.
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