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Re: Vulcan's Soul versus The Romulan Way

I reread Vulcan's Soul part one again after reading The Romulan Way, and they actually fit together pretty nicely. The S&S books go to some pretty great lengths not to step on the toes of TRW and support its accounts in many places, especially with regard to S'task, the Empty Chair, the S'harien sword, the Ruling Queen Vriha t'Rehu, and the basic points of interest along the Sundered's journey. It's true that no mention is made in VS of the pirate incident from Spock's World, which supposedly started things off, but it was also pretty consistent that whenever the Sundered encountered pirates in space or other alien races it was seemingly no big deal, as if it was expected and they were not surprised or impressed by the existence of alien life and intelligences or thier interactions with them. I think they even mentioned their desire to purposely steer the fleet away from inhabited systems just as they did in TRW.

To Timo:
I've only been able to reconcile the seemingly differing accounts of "Remus" in this way, and I go to these lengths because I love both Duane and Sherman & Swartz and see no reason that their worlds can't cohabitate, "Remus" and Ch'Havran are two different spheres.

Nemesis and the S&S books show us that Remus is a world on a nearby but sepparate orbit from Romulus. They also show us a world tidally locked with the sun and in a perpetual state of fire and Ice.

"The Defector" and numerous books show that Romulus has multiple moons. The Martin and Mangels books claim four I believe. Duane's books describe Ch'Havran as tidally locked with Ch'Rihan aka Romulus, making their relationship into, much like that of Earth and the Moon, a double-planet or Twin Worlds. Since Romulus has four moons, there's no reason the largest couldn't be the agricultural "second-class-citizen" world described in Duane's books. If it were tidally locked with Romulus, and had a life sustaining atmosphere, then, like the moon, it could potentiallty have "days" which spanned the length of around a month. This might be primo for raising properly adapted crops, if the ambient temperature on the "night" side was maintained by an active internal temp from tidal forces. If anyone has ever seen veggies that come out of Alaska you can attest to the gigantic proportions that plantlife can achieve when given many days of sunlight.

It's a wacky kinda theory but works if you take the book's accounts at face value. The world of Ael t'Rllaillieu and Senator Gurrhim tr'Siedhri becomes the agri-rich world of Ch'Havran and, the world of the "Remans" becomes the dilthium- and mineral-rich world of Remus.

The more I think about it the more I dig it. Any confusion between the two from Starfleeters can be chalked up to ignorance from non-Rihaansu of the Eisn star system and language confusion. Plus Ch'Havran makes such a better candidate for the Twin World of the Romulan Star Empire then "Remus" does. The bird in the great seal is holding two worlds of presumably equal (in theory anyway) status, even if the inequity is underlying, the contrast of Ch'Rihan and "Remus" is way too blatant to ring true for me. Whereas I can totally buy the twin worlds of Ch'Rihan and Ch'Havran. Havransuu and ship clans may have been treated as second-class citizens but Remans are flat out Untouchables.
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