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Same Movie, Different format

Not really sure of the best place to put this but I think this will be okay as it covers all TV and film media.

Anyway if I get this right, up to now media formats have been available in VHS, Laser disk, DVD, the short lived (?) HD DVD and now Blu Ray and over the years we've bought movies and TV shows on at least VHS and DVD, double dipping so to speak or simply discarding the old and replacing with the new.

Now with the introduction of Blu-ray we're again having to (if you chose to do so) yet again replace old formats and with the new so I was wondering how many times others here have actually bought Movies and TV series the first time round on VHS and then again on DVD then onto HD DVD or Blu Ray. I was also wondering how much do you think we'll continue this trend of continually replacing new for old as I expect that in years to come I'd assume that there will eventually be a format where you can get lots of movies on one disk (depending on the format available) or even an entire TV series on one disk?

Any thoughts?
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