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Re: Tropic Thunder Grading and Discussion - Spoilers.

I kept meaning to post here already. I saw the movie last Friday night and give it a solid B grade.

I liked it just slightly better than Pineapple Express.
RDJ was awesome as the Aussie playing the black dude. Even when he came out of being the black dude at the end he acted still with an Australian accent. So while Stiller, Black et al were just using their own voice RDJ was still "acting" as someone else more believably.

The shine on Tom Cruise had tarnished some bit over the last few years for me and it was great to see him once again be enjoyable on film. His combined 15 or so minutes of screen time was great!

The last comedy of the calendar summer I'm going to see is Rocker with Rainn Wilson so I'm hoping for a solid film there. Based on stories I seem to have done well picking my summer comedies as I've not been let down with Get Smart, PE or TT. I passed on Zohan and Guru.
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