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Re: How About Replacing the Galaxy saucer with dedicated weapons platf

Cary L. Brown wrote: View Post
Is it theoretically possible for a "docking system" to be designed which would be loose enough, or "adjustable" enough, to permit every saucer and every secondary hull in the fleet to connect? Oh, I'm sure it would be.
Forbin wrote: View Post
Unless ship #6 off the line is using a docking clamp system with a different number of clamps in different locations than ship #4; unless lessons learned from ships 1 thru 3 made them move the EPS taps 50 meters starboard and 6 meters farther aft on ships 4 thru 6; unless the battle bridge was moved forward on ship #5 to make room for a new ECM system and the turbolift shaft had to be repositioned 14 meters to port.... In such cases you're just not gonna be able to fit the saucer from ship #4 to the hull of ship #6.
It should be noted that I specifically said "stock saucers" built to the same specification and with very tight tolerances.

So a turbolift tube that is supposed to be, say one meter in diameter, making it one meter and one millimeter in diameter really shouldn't be all that great a headache for the designers, the manufacturers, or the turbolift as it tools around the tubes.

It should go without saying that I agree that a saucer or a neck that has either been significantly changed or built to a new, different specification will not be able to mount to a structure built to a pre-existing and different specification.
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