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What is most telling is the massive drop it had in its 4th weekend. It went from spot #12 last week all the way down to #26, one slot above Love Guru which opened a month before. Guru was utter crap. It lost not only a lot of theaters but viewers who might have sought it out. We had a report or two here of those who wanted to check it out in weekend 3 but couldn't find it locally.

It now has $20.5m on a $30m budget with at least another $1 - 1.5m to trickle in after the $1 theaters have had it. I'm surprised its not opened overseas yet? I'm wondering if it will, that would add to its bottom line.

I don't know if DVD sales are enough to push an X-Files 3 or not. I disagree with the idea of comparing this to Batman or Bond that have had lack luster entries. Had Batman Returns or From Russia with Love had as compartively low returns to budget I'm not sure we would've had Batman Forever or Goldfinger.

The business model is different now and due to that it may be the only reason for the XPhiler diehards to remain optimistic. Cause I will. Just as we can't end cinema Trek on Nemesis now can or should we end X-Files with IWTB.
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