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Re: Have Star Trek Writers Ever Tried to Create an Unlikable Character

Andrew Harris wrote: View Post
Kirk has his way with women across the galaxy, flaunts the rules whenever he feels like it, cheats on academy tests and and is even initially willing to tolerate genocide in revenge for his son's murder.
You mean flouts, not flaunts, but you're overstating the case, just as Christopher points out you're overstating the womanizing. Genocide is also over the top. If you're referring to his "Let them die" line, there are two main points you're glossing over: first, he's not proposing attacking anyone, he's proposing not helping them. Genocide is active, not passive. Second, the Klingons have other worlds and other resources, and the loss of Praxis, or even of the homeworld, would hardly eliminate all Klingons.
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