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Re: you're in charge of Stargate: what do you do?

i'd like to see one of the random SG teams (sg 4 for arguements sake) in action, and i'd bring in some new concepts
firstly, the small details (alot of them fruit from Area 51 research)

Kel warrior armor adapted to SG team equipment
Cross an MP5 with a Goauld Staff weapon
earth negotiates for a number of goauld ships, which will end up augmented with tech from the civ from "space race"
more relations with the afforementioned civ
SG4 has an Unas member
the team will be based at the alpha site mis first season
the pilot will have the revealation of the stargate program to earth's citizens and it will deal with the culture shock
the next threat: the furlings (i think that was a furling ship in that prometheus episode)
turns out the goauld empire covered 48% of the galaxy, leaving plenty of room for more evil threats
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