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Re: you're in charge of Stargate: what do you do?

I would do one, mayb two more SG-1 movies (mayb a big epic two parter or two which are connected in some way) which is O'Neill heavy where hes back in charge of the team.

  • At the end of this I would have the SG-1 team disband and mayb even re arrange the SGC
  • Carter would either leave for a civilian job connected to the Gate or be posted elsewhere
  • O'Neill would finally get to retire
  • Carter and O'Neill talk about going on a date (but leave it open ended)
  • Daniel gets a job with the Atlantis expedidtion
  • Teal'c leads the Jaffa
  • Mitchell finally feeling he doesnt need "the band" to get by puts together his own team and continues exploring the galaxy.
  • Somewhere in these movies include Ferretti
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