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Re: Do you love or hate the Ferengi episodes, overall?

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I like comedy films in general, but I hate the recent spate of stupid, low-brow comedies starring any member of "The Twat Pack", namely Will Ferrel, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Eddie Murphie (Nutty Professor style stuff), Steve Carell and the original: Jim Carey. (Although Judd Apatow is partially responsible for the quality of many of their movies.)

OH MAN, I just about fell out of my chair at that one!!!

Permission to use this in other venues, PLEASE!!!

Being a fan of the original Rat Pack, not only was the pun great but the contrast itself was just...WOW.

I am SO glad I'm not the only one who despises those guys.

Though I make an exception for Steve Carell...I can deal with him, but not any of the others.
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