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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

Having watched thru the end of ENT S2, they do say that Denubian ( sp?) males are more inhibited than the females, which explains why Phlox's wife was like an alley cat in heat when she visited while Phlox barely shows signs of having a libido, ignoring advances of a cutie like Cutler who was WAY too good for him, and rejecting T'Pol during her false Pon Farr ( which ethicly was the right thing to do since her judgement was impaired, but still he didn't even seem tempted the way Reed was. You knew Reed wouldn't go there - well probably not anyways, but you could still tell he wanted to, while Phlox didn't seem remotely interested.) , and seeming to not really connect with his visiting wife while she was trying to seduce Trip ( not that I blame her. Okay enough, I 've talked about Phlox's lack of sexuality WAY too much tonight lol.
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