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Re: Vulcan's Soul versus The Romulan Way

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Duane doesn't make specific mention of the distinct looks of the Remans, but then again, she seldom dwells on the skin color or even gender of her characters. It would actually well fit her style to politely omit mention of the fact that the Remans look like space vampires.

Timo Saloniemi
The biggest difference between the Rihannsu novels and Star Trek TV canon is that she has Human-Rihannsu first contact taking place with a UFP visit to the highly-industrialized but non-warp Romulan homesystem, whereas Enterprise has the first Human-Romulan contact take place when the Enterprise intrudes into Romulan-claimed space. The Romulans further turn out to be quite powerful, requiring the unification of four major starfaring powers for the military machine to be grind to a halt.

The Ships fell in Duane's original telling. Maybe the Ships stayed up in the TV canon? In the post-The Romulan Way novels, Duane did write about a much larger empire--primary colonies, overspill colonies of colonies, conquered worlds--than the Two Worlds and Twenty Colonies that she described in TRW.
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