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Re: Sony's Perceived Idiocy.

ok, i have had 3 psp's over it's run, a first gen which had the defect of the buttons being so close to the screen that i killed some pixels hitting the button, i leant it to my friend and his 5 year old brother got his hands on it, the second ran great, disappeared mysteriously, now i got the new gen Red God of War psp and it came with a dead pixel in the middle of the screen, a much more fragile construction (its mostly cheap plastic when the first two gens were mostly metal with a rubber handgrip texture) and to show how sony feels about it's fans, they packaged the movie "superbad" with the GOW PSP

my PS1 ans PS2 ran pretty well, no complaints there

i'll only get a PS3 if they remake Final Fantasy 7 (it's implied by the ending of crisis core but Squenix has waffled on the official word)

</all seph has to say on sony>
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