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Re: Britons Rejoice - eBooks are coming

Dang, and I thought my run-on sentences were bad.

Size and weight are certainly an issue I consider when traveling with books, and one of the reasons I'm casting dark glances at the trend towards more trade paperbacks. I have a fairly sizeable commute and rarely stay still for more than two hours at a time even when I'm on campus, and I've often got quite a number of sizeable tomes with me in addition to whatever pleasure reading I might want to carry around. A year and a half ago I wound up with a sprained trapezoid just from improperly lifting that mutha of a bag, and I've been cautious about overloading myself since (and I'm not overweight). Plus, things like the S.C.E. omnibi are rather unwieldy, and I've taken to saving those for reading at home rather than trying to jostle myself in a position to read them in public transit that doesn't wind up with me falling to the floor everytime the bus/train/metro makes a sudden turn or comes to a sudden stop. I still love my handy, portable MMPBs, but heft and handling are certainly advantages electronic readers have over their bulkier cousins in the pulp'n'paper world.

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