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Re: Britons Rejoice - eBooks are coming

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I can pull out my reader and in less time then it takes you to pull out your pBook and flip to the page you left off on, be at the page I left off. Not only is the reader lighter and smaller then the omnibuses, it's easier to hold (in most cases) and it's easier carry multiple books with you. Also, it's a lot easier to get out-of-print Star Trek books as eBooks then it is to find them as pBooks. Now how is it being lazy to want to make it easier to carry around heavy books? I can carry around the entire set of Star Trek Omnibus editions in on my reader then you can in your bag. I too carry around a bag similar to what you've described. No way I'd want to carry around that many large heavy books and with my reader, I don't have to. I just have to haul around the reader.
Everyone is to there own I guess and I've seen you go toe to toe with far more knowledgable individuals than I on the issue of ebooks and from those what I've seen you are fanatical about electronic books and like so many fanatics once you have stated your opinion, you don't back down.

So may I just ask a questions?

You claim you can start it up, find the place you were upto and then resume reading faster than if I had was reading a hard copy, does it not take a while to load up and then do you not need to navigate through to where you were?

What is the memory like on the devise, once you've ran out, do you need to delete the contents to make more room, or can you just add more memory space?

Battery life: On aveage, how long does the battery last, and what type does it take? Is it a onboard rechargable battery or do you need to keep feeding it AA/AAA batteries or the really small watch type?

What if I lose the infomation on the reader, do I need to rebuy the literature or can I just down load it again?

And I have no problems carrying a large amount of books with me, a few years ago while visiting home from uni, I decided I wanted my book collection up at uni which was nearly 200 miles away, now I don't drive, so I put them all in a massive sports bags and went back on the train with several changes, yes I admit, they were heavy, but I prefer my books in hard copy, I prefer to have the texture of them in my hand, knowing full well that they are more than a whole bunch of digital data, I prefer to look across my room and see all the books on my shelf or sitting cross legged on the floor with research texts surronding me. Now I know these PADDs have there place, but for me, I prefer having a physical paper book in my hands, it feels far more intimate.
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