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Re: Rock covers. When the cover was better.

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It certainly is a matter of opinion and exposure. For me, one of the first ten LPs I owned was Bayou Country by CCR. Beyond the long jams on the record, Proud Mary seemed to me then, and still now, to be 3:08 of perfect rock 'n' roll song writing and performance.

But I can certainly see any young boy being attracted by Tina Turner shakin' her booty. Those legs, man, those legs!
All the way up to there. The whole "Memphis horns and soul" aspect didn't hurt, either.

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And "The Name of the Game" with Gene Barry. You're reaching now, M'Sharak! I remember that show well. Part of a rotating series on NBC. Wasn't McCloud one of the other shows in rotation?
I believe that The Name of the Game was a standalone weekly series, although the leads (Barry, Tony Franciosa, Robert Stack and Susan Saint James) rotated from week to week. The rotating series was the NBC Mystery Movie, alternating 90-minute eps of McCloud, McMillan & Wife and Columbo (added later was The Night Stalker.)
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