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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

I'm a long time ST fan. Around early seaon three I was living in a rural area where I couldn't get UPN. I recently got the dvds for all 4 seasons ( and the ENT relaunch novels ) and am watching the end of ENT S2 now and really looking forward to seeing all the episodes I've never seen before.
My favorite character is T'Pol, she is the outsider on the ship who sees things differently, and her emotional journey of growing so much as a person makes her fascinating. Jolene Blaylock is such a great actress she really steals all the scenes she's in , for me anyways.
Phlox I find annoying and wish the ship had a different doctor, preferably another woman since the show has so many more male main charactrers than female. Other ST alien races work as a comment on humans, with Vulcans representing logic, Bajorans represent spirituality, Klingons represent agression, etc, but Phlox's race lacks that quality to make them stand out, I can't even remember what their race is called. His race had the potential to represent free sexuality given their nonmoganamous relationships, but despite Phlox discussing his family he comes off as asexual imo.
Trip is the cutest guy on the show, although Archer and Reed are also pretty yummy, just to end my intro on a totally frivilous note. ( Nothing against Mayweather, he has a great body, but I find his personality to be too dull to take much intrest in him. Maybe he's just too young for me.)
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