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Re: you're in charge of Stargate: what do you do?

I would keep up with the "Stargate" movies and I would even add a third "Stargate" type of movie as well that is a movie within the "Stargate" universe but not connected to the show. For example a story about how primitve humans rebelled against Ra or a story about Russia trying to get it's Stargate program set up. Maybe even a story set 25 years in the future. Heck maybe you could do even do the story about the Stargate program being revealed to the public in this future setting thus allowing to to stay secret i nthe present.

I would then cancel "Stargate:Universe" before it even gets started and do another type of a show. A "Geenration Kill" type of story perhaps set on a alien planet where the local humans population is at war with some aliens also living on the planet. That or a show were Earth is frozen in time either by one of those repeating loops from the ep were they kepth living over the same day over and over or the those force fields that slow the passage of time. The idea is that only 5 years pass by for earth but the rest of the universe as moved on without it. The galaxy is alot differently than it use to be. It's basically my idea to take the show into the future but also keep the contemporary feel of earth still intact.

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