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Re: Britons Rejoice - eBooks are coming

I can pull out my reader and in less time then it takes you to pull out your pBook and flip to the page you left off on, be at the page I left off. Not only is the reader lighter and smaller then the omnibuses, it's easier to hold (in most cases) and it's easier carry multiple books with you. Also, it's a lot easier to get out-of-print Star Trek books as eBooks then it is to find them as pBooks. Now how is it being lazy to want to make it easier to carry around heavy books? I can carry around the entire set of Star Trek Omnibus editions in on my reader then you can in your bag. I too carry around a bag similar to what you've described. No way I'd want to carry around that many large heavy books and with my reader, I don't have to. I just have to haul around the reader.
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