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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

In my mind, I don't see a need for a complete redesign of Star Trek because when I watch Star Trek TOS it still seems and looks futuristic to me even when compared to Star Trek: Enterprise. I believe as we develop more advanced and powerful technology more aspects of it will be automated and we will also develop easier and more efficient methods to interact with and control the technology. Thus with technology becoming increasingly more powerful and more automated and easier to interact and control, it will look simpler and it will appear to us as though its less advanced than the technology we are using today in 2008 when in fact its much more advanced than what we have today. So, I hope in Star Trek XI they maintain the simple and retro look that we had in TOS. Of course there are some things I hope they change. For instance, I doubt we would have gone back to using tapes to store data or have our computers print out results on paper like we saw in the pilot episode in the future.
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