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Re: Britons Rejoice - eBooks are coming

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Imagine carrying the lastes SCE/CoE omnibus around with you. In fact, imaging carrying two of them. Can you do it? Do you want to do it? Now imagine carrying around a device that is about the same size as a regular paperback, slightly wider, not as thick, and slightly heavier. Now imagine the SCE/CoE eBook on it able to be read when you want without the hassle of having to carry such heavy omnibuses. It's well worth it.
Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, sorry, are you on a planet with a higher gravity than here on good ol' Earth or are you just a lazy so and so, either way, I just weighed how heavy Voyages of the Imagination is which by my reckoning the chunkiset Trek book I own and my scales told me that it is just over one kilogram in weight, so, they arn't exactly heavy now are they.

Now, I have this wonderful thing called a man bag (tis about the same size as a lap top bag and yes, it's the male equilivant of a hand bag) and I do this strange thing with it, and thats carry things, from my wallet and keys, too the latest book I am reading, now with that book, I can in less time it takes to say "beam me up Scotty" I can find my place with my book mark and start reading. Now of course this technology isn't very fancy, it involves a lot of manual labour by turning one page after another, and sure sometimes light levels may not be so powerful that I can not read at that time, but thats more to do with nature than the book itself. Were as with all technology, I'm sure this reader has it's failing - high battery consumption if you read from it all the time, the chances of partial tunnel (or what ever it's called) by constently pressing the down button all the time.

Please don't get me wrong, I have no problems with ebooks, I might one day get them for my lap top, but if you are going to use the fact that books are heavy as a reason to buy a piece of tech I see no reason to own, I think you should hang your head in shame or watch Wall-e as ok this is a huge leap of logic, we could all be like those far future humans on the Astral.

Ok, Rant over and time for a nice real ale at the pub!
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