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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

The way this model should have been done was on paper first, to a highly refined degree, then and only then in 3D. Just about any modeler will tell you not to try to design something like this at the same time you are building it, except for relatively simple ďstudy modelsĒ where youíre trying to work something out that can only be effectively visualized in 3D. Maybe you donít actually use paper, maybe you use a digital tablet or a 2D CAD program, but the principle is the same.

So why didnít I do it that way? Mainly because when I started this whole thing I didnít really know any better, and because at the time I was more concerned with developing my modeling techniques than I was with the design itself. As I have stated elsewhere, I have learned probably three quarters of everything I know about 3D modeling from working on this one project, everything from spline cage modeling to box modeling to some of the finer points of polygon editing. Unfortunately, if you donít pay close enough attention to the shape of the room, itís easy to paint yourself into corners, so to speak.
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