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Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
Hmm...I'd say the first thing that came to mind, especially in the front view, was "space dirigible." Looks a LOT like an airship. The back end kind of reminds me of a phone receiver.
Before I made the forward section segmented, giving it the "blimp" look, my wife called it the flying bowling pin. aridas did another "later" ship that had the segments and then went back and added them to this ship to try and tie them together. I quite like the look, m'self.

The back end is a little AT&T. That was my own addition. aridas originally had it as a sphere. I wanted to tie it a little more tightly to the pilot Enterprise's warp nacelles. Either I'll come up with another solution or it will just look like a phone. Some people think laser scalpels look like salt shakers.

Herkimer Jitty wrote: View Post
Wow, this feels very believable for a pre-TOS ship. What kind of ship is she? Warp or sublight? I could imagine this ship drifting along at sublight with naught but her windows and internal lights (why do Trek ships burn their impulse drives 24/7, anyways?)
Yeah, aridas designs ships like Tolkien wrote languages: It ALL has to have a history and a purpose. She's one of the earliest Earth warp vessels. Go watch "Where No Man Has Gone Before" again. (Always a good idea under any circumstance.) aridas' concept is that the "magnetic space storm" was what allowed such a primitive vessel to travel from Earth to the Galactic Edge. Kind of like the warp tunnel thingy between Cardasia and Bajor (or wherever that was: my DS9 lore is lacking).

Neither aridas nor myself are fond of the "always glowing" impulse look. Heck aridas doesn't like them glowing at all. (And I thought I was a TOS purist.) And since these imps have a much more "chemical rocket" look, I doubt they'll glow much. I won't give it and external lighting scheme like the TMP Enterprise, but she'll have something so she looks cool when she's all alone in the dark.

Philo wrote: View Post
Looks like nice work, Tallguy. Yeah, definitely push it more NASA if you can. I'll also echo the dirigible comment. Looks cool.

Is Aridas on another one of his exiles from here, or something?
By NASA I just mean the look of the materials. Not so much "looks like 1970's hardware." I'm looking at lots of pics of Skylab, Mir, and the ISS.

As far as I know, he's not on exile as much as he's doing that thing called "life". I've had some bouts with it myself the last year or so.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I just flattened my hard drive (on purpose, nothing's lost) so I might not be back to running speed for a day or two. You know you're a grown up when banking software takes priority over 3D spaceships.
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