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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

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I hope the enterprise gets redesigned quite a lot, lets be honest here the design has aged very very badly, the original has aged as well as a a knackered oldsmobile and looks far too 60's not to mention fragile.

It wasn't a attractive ship to begin with with it looking very awkward, hell there were early publicity shots shown upside down as people thought the ship looked daft the other way up.

The BoP is a much better design which has stood up very well, the old enterprise looks like it would crack aprt at its spindly anorexic seams if it ever tried anything stressing like moving.
but the thing about the enterprise is i think it was intended to be kind of weird and quirky looking

Like when they redesigned the ship for the Next generation movies and it became this smooth sports car like version of the enterprise, it just wasn't as star trek-like.
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