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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

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What about when the Yoda puppet was redesigned from Episode V to Episode I? Was that a good thing?
Well, the answer to that is self-contained in what Yoda looks like in Eps 2 and 3.
Meaning what, it is good strategy to take super work done in the 80s and use similar techniques to do a crap job in 99 so as to make the CG version you do in the next century look good by comparison?
Nah... meaning "keep the the elements which can or should be replaced, and replace the elements you should keep."

The "Ep1" Yoda LOOKED different, but was created using the same technology.

The "Ep2/3" Yoda looked the same as the original one, but was created using new techniques. Both were puppeteered and voiced by the same guy... but in one case it was a physical "filming model" puppet and in the other it was a composite approach, involving mo-cap of a physical "scanner puppet," combined with the more common "full CGI animation" techniques...

As a result, the Ep2/3 Yoda looked like we expected him to look, moved like we expected him to move, but was a whole lot MORE convincing than the original filming puppet... or the Ep1 puppet.

One of the big problems with "change" is that change doesn't always equal progress. Sometimes the most progressive approach is to realize you're on the wrong road and to turn around and go back the soonest.
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