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Re: you're in charge of Stargate: what do you do?

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You're given full, dictatorial powers over Stargate. You still have to turn in a profit, but other than that, it's your baby. What do you do?
Stargate the show, or Stargate Command on the show?
If the latter then I'd....

  • Ask the Tokra for some tunneling cystals
  • Use the Asgard core to create tons more of them
  • Have Atlantis distribute them to their allies throughout Pegasus..
  • Then instruct the Atlantis Expedition to organize those allies to move the gates underground..
  • Have Sam program those gates so that they do not automatically connect to the rest of the gate network, providing those planets with a closed gate system-they can still dial out, and using a code, dial back in, but the Wraith and anyone else wouldn't be able to reach those worlds..
  • Give Zelenka a raise..
  • Dial up Harlan, and ask him to create android troops to send to Pegasus. They'd be used to help infiltrate Wraith hive ships and bases.
  • Create a dozen clones. Have them one at a time, stick their head into the Ancients Repository of Knowledge, and learn everything, and then download their brains into a computer mainframe large enough to hold it.
  • Make tons of ZPMs.
  • Use the replicator technology to make non sentient, objects, such as ships and weapons.
  • Fly the ships to Pegasus and take out the Wraith once and for all.
  • Call up Mary Steenbergen, and invite her over for beer, pizza, and football.
Have spacesuit...will travel.
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