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Re: are Vampires the "Next Big Thing" for '08? Twilight, Tru Calling.

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For Next Big Thing, I nominate Earth based/modern day sci fi. There are a lot more of them on the horizon:

Life on Mars
Eleventh Hour
Warehouse 13

and a few marginal calls...
(it's Earth in all but name)
My Own Worst Enemy (if split personality spyjinks count)
Wrong. Well, the studios ARE going to crank out a lot of Earth-based scifi series in the *hopes* of making the next big thing on the cheap, but none of them will succeed. Further, there is a difference between "What is everyone making next year" and "what is the next big thing". last year reality shows and American Gladiators were by that logic "the next big thing"

No, I mean the o-so-hard to catch, "what grabs the hearts and minds of fans and critics"

I agree that "Caprica" will flop; Ron Moore isn't involved, and when people think "BSG prequel" they think "Cylon Revolt" not "I fell asleep watching Mad Men, woke up, and said "hey, cram some references to the Adama family and religious strife into that, crank out some scripts, and we'll call it a BSG prequel!" ugh...I get the same feel from "Caprica" that I did for "Enterprise"

Eleventh Hour and My Own Worst Enemy are both more police shows and 24 clones than scifi.

Life on Mars I do not seriously expect to gain a very wide following due to the way they're releasing it

Even with Heroes-staff at the helm I don't expect "Kings" to do well

Knight Rider remake, a shameless and frankly foolish attempt to cash in on BSG (seriously....someone was dumb enough to personally connect the dots as "BSG was based on an old show, therefore remakes of old shows are in now" rather than "people like Ron Moore's edgy writing style". It will be a laughingstock.

As for Warehouse 13 and Revolution: more guaranteed flops from the Skiffy Channel: I literally turned off my TV in abject disgust after watching the Eureka pilot...and they turned it into their new flagship series pushing aside Stargate in the process? And now come season 3, even the critics and initial viewers are over the "honeymoon period", its not "new" anymore, and they're realizing how formulaic it is.

No, no, the only NEW stuff worth following is Fringe and Dollhouse (returning shows Heroes and Pushing Daisies are great though)

Dollhouse I actually have very very high hopes for, but the only problem is, I get the fear that Fox will yank the plug on it like they did Firefly (I hope an understandable fear)

As for "Fringe"....increasingly I think it sounds like a desperate attempt to make a new X-Files and is a Lost-clone from the guys who brought us Lost! The leaked pilot was awful, the characters seem stupid, yikes

why is everyone stuck on thinking that "scifi" is only live-action crud? Last year while we were suffering through "Flash Gordon", the animated series "Death Note" was becoming a cult hit on Adult Swim:

isn't it ironic that the Emmys ignore scifi because "it's stupid scifi for kids", YET many scifi fans here ignore good shows like Death Note, or Venture Bros, just because "it's stupid cartoons, for kids"?!

Death Note already has a live-action film in Japan, and they're talking about a live-action English-version film

PLUS, they've CONFIRMED, yes CONFIRMED that Simpsons Treehouse of Horror 2008 will be a Death Note parody! If that's not Big, what is?!

Light Yagami is given a supernatural "Death Note" (Death Notebook) by a bored soul-reaper; a book that if you write anyone's name in it, they will die of a heart attack (it's like an evil chain letter curse). The rules are that you can kill anyone, so long as you know their name and know what they look like (you have to think about their face as they write it; this was done to avoid killing people with the same name). Within a matter of days, Light kills hundreds of criminals, earning him the public nickname "Kira" (Japanese slurred version of "Killer") "Light" effectively ceases to exist, and goes mad with power, utterly consumed by being "Kira".

Kira plans to become the God of a New World, where he decides who is evil and deserves life and death.

How can anyone stop Kira? he has the powers of a God and is untraceable. The police are baffled at the wave of deaths and can't even figure out of "Kira" is real or a myth, much less where he may be

So Interpol brings in "the world's greatest detective": a recluse known only by the letter "L", who only communicates over scrambled internet feeds.

So the series becomes a deadly game of cat-and-also-cat, a battle of wits between Kira and L.

Can L catch Kira? Who will win Kira vs. L? Who is....Justice?

"Death Note" is more innovative and creative than any of the regurgitated stuff they're throwing at us this fall.
"Its about the characters, stupid" - Ron D Moore
"What baloney. BSG was about the writers wanting to achieve a pre-determined end point, and they jerked the characters around so that they would achieve that goal." - Temis the Vorta
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