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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

I'm sorry, but I don't think comparing the 1960s BATMAN show with current movies is a fair comparison, or representative of what's happening with STAR TREK.

The BATMAN TV show wasn't a serious story. It was meant to be an ongoing joke. Every episode was done tongue in cheek.

The current movies are done in the more serious tone of the comicbooks (in particular with how the books have been in recent years).

Still, even with Batman, I think a virtual TANK as the Batmobile is going too far. The car's usually depicted in the comics as a useable automobile, albeit often with "hidden extras".

But I digress...

Star Trek, while "meant to sell toothpaste", has always been taken as serious by its fans.

In the ENTERPRISE two-parter "In a Mirror, Darkly", modern TREK characters were seen on sets built to duplicate the ones from the original STAR TREK.

It worked PERFECTLY.

To compare Shatner's Kirk's Enterprise with the TV Batmobile and so claim it needs to be updated to look "acceptable" just isn't valid.

The original Enterprise looked fine, and could be used in a current production.


How many of you would have turned up your nose if the original designs had been kept in JJ's film?

You'd have gone to see the movie. You KNOW you would. You'd probably even be a little on the "giddy" side...which you usually look down on us "traditionalists" for being.

We'd ALL have loved it if the original STAR TREK had been restored, with only new actors playing the roles.

Why would the way the Enterprise looks, inside or out, or props like communicators, affect your enjoyment of the story?

You say that to us "don't change anything!" people, so it should be all right for one of us to say it to you guys who insist "change is good".

Would it have been so bad to recreate ALL the sets as they were, all the props, etc, and just have changed the characters' faces?

I seriously doubt even people who aren't Trek fans would have stayed away just because the original look was kept.

After all, you guys keep saying "It's the story telling that's important".

The look didn't HAVE TO be changed.

The fact that some of it has (to an unknown degree, at this point, tho the uniform spoilers give some hope), well...okay. It's done. I'm still going to the film, and any sequels.

But to say it HAD to be changed, and to compare the original Enterprise to the TV Batmobile as proof that change was NEEDED?


No way.

Shatner's Kirk's Enterprise would still have flown today, and if the ship IS going to look fairly close to the original, this suggests that really no changes were desperately needed. The original was NOT comparable to the TV Batmobile. Whole 'nother situation.
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