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Re: Rock covers. When the cover was better.

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This is the second or third time this sentiment has been expressed in this thread. Yes, if I was a rock or country artist, I'd look for a great Dylan song to cover. And yes, there have been bands that have covered a dozen or more Dylan songs successfully, like the Byrds and the Grateful Dead. And yes, many takes of his songs that we best remember are versions done by others.

- BUT -

The man is a masterful singer of his own songs. I've seen Dylan maybe a couple of dozen times in concert by now. Take a simple song like It Ain't Me, Babe. Dylan obviously likes it because I've seen him play it a number of times in concert. It's been a plantive song, an angry song and a dismissive song. He's sung it detatched and he's sung it like it's a fresh break-up. He's done the song at least half a dozen different ways.

Bob Dylan is one of the great song interpreters of our time. And he has a tremendous catalog to chose from.

Yes, I like a Dylan cover as much as the next guy. But when Dylan's on in concert, and I've seen shows when he's been on fire, nobody, but nobody, does a Dylan song better than Bob Dylan.

I bet Dylan actually has a perfectly normal singing voice, he just sings poorly on purpose just to see how much he can get away with.
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