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Re: An Idea For A Game/Project

I like it very much, Jon! Yours are some very nice versions of our heroes.

I have a question about the story though: In Starscape's last frame I thought the forcefield (or whatever it is ) was emitted by Kirk (and not the woman). Wasn't she trying to shoot Kirk with her weapon? I understood that Kirk used a forcefield of some kind (maybe with his servo) to keep the woman from killing him. Did I get that totally wrong? Also, in Venardhi's panel I got the impression The Origin was someone or something else than Kirk.

Please enlighten me.

But, as I said, I really like it and am looking forward to the continuation.

Ampris wrote: View Post
Hey, this whole idea is really neat, and the art so far has been... wow. Really darn cool, guys. So count me in, if that's alright. I've been playing around with drawing the characters recently, and even though I've never done comic-type art and can't guarantee anything terrific, it's all for fun, right? I'd love to join in. =)
Good to see you found your way to this project. I'm eagerly awaiting your entry, Ampris.

[01.] NCC-1701
[02.] ThomastheCat
[03.] Ptrope
[04.] PlanetMudd
[05.] Vektor
[06.] Redfern
[07.] Masao
[08.] Venardhi
[09.] Starscape
[10.] jon1701
[11.] Klondike307
[12.] Ihlecreations
[13.] Gryndl
[14.] ThomastheCat
[15.] PlanetMudd
[16.] NCC-1701
[17.] Venardhi
[18.] Ptrope
[19.] Masao
[19.] Vektor
[19.] Redfern
[20.] Starscape
[21.] Ampris

+ = 2nd panel
Bashir: »Out of all the stories you told me, which ones were true and which ones weren't?«
Garak: »My dear doctor, they're all true.«
Bashir: »Even the lies?«
Garak: »Especially the lies.«
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