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Re: Rock covers. When the cover was better.

JonathonWally wrote: View Post
I like Pantera's cover of "Planet Caravan" or Sabbath's version, I know, heresy.
Not at all. Both versions are excellent!

RATM's "How Could I Just Kill A Man" over Cyprus Hill
Yep. Most songs on Renegades actually improve the originals.

Foo Fighter's "Down In The Park
Camelopard wrote: View Post
"Supernaut" by 1000 Homo DJs (a Ministry side-project). Better than the original by Black Sabbath
No way. No way. No way. No way. I am very open-minded when it comes to covers of songs I love, but THAT version of Supernaut (one of Sabbath's finest) is complete and utter ear-rape.
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