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Re: are Vampires the "Next Big Thing" for '08? Twilight, Tru Calling.

The pre-teen fangirl-legion aimed "Twilight" DOMINATED Comic-Con this year, and now we hear that Harry Potter 6 has been pushed back to next summer, so the "Twilight" film pushed up its release date 3 weeks to now come out the weekend HP 6 *would* have come out, Thanksgiving weekend. So for this christmas season, going into fall/winter, the big movie experience will be the vampire-themed Twilight.
I predict that this movie will flop big time.

I wouldn't be so sure. I haven't read the books yet, but, for the last several weeks, all four novels have been the bestselling books in the USA by a considerable margin. We're talking crazy-big numbers.

That's not a fan base, that's a phenomenon.
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