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Re: are Vampires the "Next Big Thing" for '08? Twilight, Tru Calling.

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So far as Twilight is concerned, I have no interest whatsoever. The fangirl following especially turns me off from the entire thing. During the recent midnight release of Breaking Dawn, the fourth (last?) installment in the series, a local Borders was jampacked with loud gothy teens. The fact that I was purchasing something not Twilight related got me odd looks and culminated with someone asking me why I wasn't buying it in a very rude manner. I lit them on fire.

Well, in fairness, if you were at a Borders at midnight when they were having a release party for a book and you are there to not by said book, you would get some odd looks (It'd be like going to Borders when during their Harry Potter 7 midnight release and buying a Trek novel).

But yeah, I never heard of Twilight either before the last few weeks and I still don't know what its about (other than vampires which I just learned thanks to this thread).
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