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Re: are Vampires the "Next Big Thing" for '08? Twilight, Tru Calling.

So far as Twilight is concerned, I have no interest whatsoever. The fangirl following especially turns me off from the entire thing. During the recent midnight release of Breaking Dawn, the fourth (last?) installment in the series, a local Borders was jampacked with loud gothy teens. The fact that I was purchasing something not Twilight related got me odd looks and culminated with someone asking me why I wasn't buying it in a very rude manner. I lit them on fire.

I am, however, looking forward to True Blood. Not only is it on HBO, thus ensuring some modicum of quality, but the creator is Alan Ball. One of his previous shows is also one of my favorites, Six Feet Under, a show with a dark theme that still managed to have both engaging drama and wonderfully dark humor. Sounds like he's perfect for it.
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